21002094-2 - GIS PER IL RESTAURO

The goal of the course is to provide students with methods, tools and useful procedures to the knowledge and analysis of historic buildings, their physical characteristics, construction and conservation. Particular attention will be given to learning the methods of integrated survey, using traditional techniques of direct survey coordinated with 3D relief (image based and range based).
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This course is an introduction to GIS. The aim is to provide basic knowledge on the use of
software to manage Information Systems in the project of restoration of cultural heritage.
Below the main topics discussed:
• GIS, Information Systems and Restoration;
• Cartography, Georeferencing;
• Vector and Raster Graphics Elements;
• Gis for urban restoration, examples of Constantine, Castrovirreyna, Izalco, Rione Monti;
• Information systems for restoration and archeology, archiving and management.

Core Documentation

Box, P. (1999). GIS and cultural resource management: A manual for heritage managers. Bangkok,
Thailand: UNESCO.

Type of delivery of the course

This course will be divided into two sections, theoretical and practice. The first one is made with frontal lessons the second one is made by practical work. Mandatory attendance policy: the student is supposed to maintain an attendance of 75% in this course.

Type of evaluation

Oral exam with discussion on the exercises conducted during the course. In the case of an extension of the health emergency from COVID-19, all the provisions that regulate the methods of carrying out the teaching activities and student assessment will be implemented.