21210214 - Economia della conoscenza e dell’innovazione

The course covers a range of economics topics related to decision theory, interdependencies between economic actors, and a number of issues that are particularly relevant in a society where information technologies play an increasing role in shaping economic processes. The leitmotif of the course is the concepts of knowledge and innovation, and their implications for business decisions and markets. Some of the properties that characterise non-competitive markets will also be presented, as well as examples of new technologies.
Possible topics to be covered during the course are: information and knowledge in society; the foundations of innovation economics; the role of knowledge and innovation in competitive and non-competitive markets and firm choices; externalities and intellectual property; technology and technology transfer; data as an asset and a factor of production, lock-in, switching costs and other characteristics of the modern economy.
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1. Innovation: stylized facts and key definitions
2. Innovation models, market structure and industrial dynamics
3. Innovation and economic growth
4. Innovative enterprise: knowledge, skills and organization
5. Technological regimes and sectoral innovation systems
6. The diffusion of innovation
7. Geography of innovation
8. Innovation systems
9. Globalization of innovation
10. The economics of knowledge
11. The economics of digital platforms

Core Documentation

[1] Malerba, F. (2000). Economia dell'innovazione. Carrocci.
[2] Malerba, F., Pianta, M., & Zanfei, A. (2007). Innovazione. Imprese, industrie, economie (pp. 1-305). Carocci.

Recommended for specific topics:
[3] Schilling, M. A., & Izzo, F. (2022). Gestione dell'innovazione. McGraw Hill.
[4] Weil, D. N., D'Amato, M., & Jappelli, T. (2005). Crescita economica: problemi, dati e metodi di analisi. Hoepli.

Additional readings will be suggested during the course on specific topics.


Class attendance is strongly recommended

Type of evaluation

Written exam, followed by an oral interview. We plan to hold preliminary written tests during the course.