21210234 - Advanced Macroeconomics

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lntroduction to modern growth theory: dynamic models of infinite horizon, exogenous and endogenous growth (30 hours). Macroeconomic dynamics in the overlapping generation model (OLG) (10 h). Foundation of the neoclassical theory of consumption, saving and investments (12 h). Additional topics (8 h).

Core Documentation

Reference book: Daron Acemoglu, "Introduction to Modern Economic Growth", Princeton University Press, 2009.
Class notes are published on the course website.

Reference Bibliography

Additional material will be uploaded on the course website.

Type of delivery of the course

Class lectures, including the discussion of the course material. The course material includes take-home problems.

Type of evaluation

There is a final written exam to be take in class, closed books. The exam contains both questions and exercises, similar to the problem set handed out durin the course. **** COVID EMERGENCY **** In the event it were impossibile to carrying out exams in our university, we shall arange them online, via Teams. Exams will have a similar format of the ones offered in person. An institutional website (http://portalestudente.uniroma3.it/accedi/area-riservata-docenti/istruzioni-docenti/esami-di-profitto/) will provide additional information on the general procedures.