The Course provides an introduction to the main authors, focusing on a specific issue in Political Philosophy.
The Course is intended to the acquisition of analytical and interpretative conceptual tools in Political philosophy , both in reading and in debating.
International students can ask for a final exam in their native language or in English.
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The course introduces the relationship between language and politics, and the different dimensions of this relationship.
The course will develop with a focus on the different forms of the political space, in history and in contemporary times.

Core Documentation

Introductory part:
2022 Handouts
F. Giardini, L'alleanza inquieta. Dimensioni politiche del linguaggio, Le lettere, 2011

Advanced part:
H. Arendt, Truth and politics (any edition)
F. Castelli, Lo Spazio Pubblico, Ediesse 2019
Ursula K. Le Guin, Bryn Mawr Commencement Address (1986)

Type of delivery of the course


Type of evaluation

The course involves an oral exam. For those attending the course, a paper on the topics of the programme can be presented. For Erasmus students the paper can be presented both in Italian and in English.