The course aims to provide an introduction to authors of political and social thought, with reference to a specific issue, which will be identified each year. Within this framework, the course aims to provide - in-depth knowledge of the main authors, works and trends in political and social thought, with specific attention to the linguistic-communicative dimension; - the ability to contextualize, analyze and critically interpret different discursive forms; - the lexical and conceptual tools necessary for the study of the issues, authors and authors tackled and useful for acquiring good written and oral skills. At the end of the course the following will be acquired - historical knowledge of a specific topic related to political thought - the ability to identify and interpret the problems considered in the thought of authors and writers - the ability to present and argue in writing and orally.
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The course introduces the different forms of social and political relations.
Further focus will concern a specific issue or author.

Core Documentation

F. Giardini, L'alleanza inquieta, capp. 1 e 5 (testo reperibile in rete)
F. Giardini, I nomi della crisi, capp. 1, 3, 4 (testo reperibile in rete)
M. Foucault, Sicurezza, territorio, popolazione (Lezioni del 11, 18 e 25 gennaio; 22, 29 marzo e 5 aprile)

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Type of evaluation

For those attending the course, a paper on the topics of the programme can be presented. For Erasmus students the paper can be presented in their native language or in English (please contact prof. Federica Giardini)