The main goal of this workshop is to promote among the participants a deep involvement and understanding of the rules of radio production and live webcasting through the infrastructure of the college radio of Roma Tre University (see radio.uniroma3.it)
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The course aims to answer the following questions:
how do you find a story?
how do you tell a story?
the role of the narrator
the point of view
what makes a story universal?

Core Documentation

Io ero il Milanese di Mauro pescio e Lorenzo S ed. Mondadori

(we also recommend listening to the homonymous podcast on raiplaysound)

Travel journals - Valerio Daniel De Simoni

Diaries - Valerio Daniel De Simoni

De Simoni's diaries will also be available in pdf

Type of delivery of the course

attraverso laboratori, prove e rudimenti di drammaturgia, il corso ha l'obiettivo di produrre un podcast narrativo

Type of evaluation

student interest and presence