The aim of this laboratory is to offer to the students the theoretical and practical tools for anthropological research. Part of the work will be devoted to the study of ethnography: the definition; an overview of the most important and significant studies; the historical elements of the discipline... Another part will be used for research, so that students can practice "field work" by choosing, in agreement with the teacher, the areas of intervention in order to produce an elaborate that tells and documents their experience.
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General introduction and fundamentals. Methods and techniques. The fieldwork.
Anthropology today: who are the others; migrations; traditional societies; societies and cultures in the globalized world.
A basic course useful to teachers, professors, and social workers.

The students will confront themselves with case studies, deepen and analyze them.

Core Documentation

Ugo Fabietti, Vincenzo Matera, Etnografie. Scritture e rappresentazioni dell’antropologia, Carocci.

Type of delivery of the course

Face-to-face lessons, showing of a selection of films and documentaries, field practice.

Type of evaluation