The workshop aims to develop the skills needed for editing sound and images (color correction, mixing, finalization, etc.) during the post-production, focusing mainly on the possibilities offered by the free edition of the application DaVinci Resolve.
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Mutuazione: 20711213 LABORATORIO DI POST-PRODUZIONE in DAMS (Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo) L-3 MINCIARELLI MARCO


The workshop aims to provide an overview of the audiovisual post-production phases, from the acquisition of the material to finalization of the audiovisual product, passing through its processing, with a particular focus about the role of post-production coordinator and on the management of a productive workflow, which involves professional figures such as the editor, the colorist, the vfx artist and the sound designer.

At the same time, the workshop aims to provide, mainly through the use of the dedicated Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve software, technical knowledge on the following topics:

- technical review of a screenplay for the post-production departments;
- acquisition and archiving of material;
- project setup and proxy creation;
- video editing;
- color correction and color grading;
- compositing;
- motion graphics;
- sound editing;
- finalization and export of the audiovisual product

Core Documentation

In consideration of the nature of the workshop, no reference texts are provided.

Type of delivery of the course

During the lessons, the first part will be dedicated to the theoretical aspects about one of the disciplines relating to the field of post-production. Subsequently, though an exercise, the software tools dedicated to that discipline will bi introduced and shown. During the next lesson ,using the same tools, students will have to do the exercise of the previous lesson.


Mandatory attendance.

Type of evaluation

During the workshop, the student's active participation and his/her capacity of replicate the software functions shown during the lessons will be evaluated.