The workshop focuses on acquiring the competencies for sound design, focusing mainly on: the relationship between sound and online distribution of audiovisual products; online reception and use in relation to sound specificities; the models for the organization of sound for the reception of products through the web (considering both the platforms and the devices mainly used by the audience).

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Mutuazione: 20711216 LABORATORIO DI SOUND DESIGN DIGITALE PER IL WEB in DAMS (Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo) L-3 SBRAVATTI VALERIO


Outline of sound in audiovisual media, with reference to historical, analytical, technological and productive issues.
The soundtrack production (for film, TV, advertisement, ecc.), its phases and techniques (design, recording, postproduction, editing, mixing, re-recording).
The issue of sonic style and practices thereof, specifically in the context of circulation and use of audio and audiovisual media in the World Wide Web.
Students are required to make a creative work (also through exercises in classroom), applying basic notions in order to choose how to record, obtain, insert, create, edit and mix sounds in a track for video.
Much attention is given to how sound can contribute to the formal and narrative structure of audiovisual products and to meaning.

Core Documentation


Valerio Sbravatti, "La cognizione dello spazio sonoro filmico. Un approccio neurofilmologico", Bulzoni, Roma 2019.

Simone Corelli, Stefano Mainetti, Gilberto Martinelli, "Dialoghi, Musica, Effetti: il Suono nell'Audiovisivo", Lambda, Roma 2021.

Type of delivery of the course

The lessons will take place in the auditorium of the Vittorio Veneto high school in Latina (5 pm-8 pm), as follows: from February 22nd to March 29th on Wednesday; from April 5th to May 11th on Thursday.


It is required to attend the lessons and to carry out an audio project.

Type of evaluation

Sound design work and oral exam.