The aim of the course is to introduce the themes of experimental research in the field of cognitive sciences and neurosciences.
The laboratory aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge for the design, implementation and administration of experimental research protocols.
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Mutuazione: 20710383 LABORATORIO DI SCIENZE COGNITIVE - LM in Scienze Cognitive della Comunicazione e dell'Azione LM-92 Altavilla Daniela


Structure and functions of the nervous system - Methods of investigation;
Neural correlates of emotional, cognitive and social processes: Objects and faces recognition, Memory and learning, Emotions, Cognitive control, Action - Mirror neurons, Empathy, Social cognition - Theory of Mind; Design and construction of an experimental task, electroencephalographic data (EEG) recording and analysis, exercises and discussion of scientific projects and papers.

Core Documentation

Gazzaniga, Ivry & Mangun (2015). Neuroscienze Cognitive. Zanichelli (Capp. 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13);
Scientific papers and material discussed in class

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