20702710 - AESTHETICS - L.M

The course of Aesthetics is part of the program in Philosophical Sciences (MA level) and is included among the characterising training activities. At the end of this course the student will acquire:
- A thorough knowledge of several issues concerning aesthetics and the relationships between philosophy and the arts (literature, visual arts, performing arts, architecture, film)
- An extended knowledge of the most important texts of the history of aesthetics, and of the critical debate on these texts
- An extended knowledge on the most recent literature on aesthetics, perception theory, ontology of art and related subjects
- The ability to form an independent judgement on such topics and to expose it in oral and written form
- An excellent mastery of aesthetic terminology and of the argumentative methods in the field of aesthetics and art criticism, even for educational purposes
- The ability of focusing theoretical issues, analyzing information, formulating arguments in the fields of aesthetics, theory of perception, art theories, with the help of bibliographical sources, even in languages other than Italian
- The ability to contextualize in historical-philosophical perspective aesthetic debates, as well as debates on art criticism and on landscape theory.
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Mutuazione: 20702710 ESTETICA - L.M. in Scienze filosofiche LM-78 N0 D'ANGELO PAOLO


The developement of Croce's Aesthetics from 1893 to 1913

Core Documentation

B. Croce, Estetica come scienza dell'espressione e linguistica generale, Milano, Adelphi o Bari, Laterza (solo la Parte Teorica)
B. Croce, La storia ridotta sotto il concetto generale dell'arte, Milano, Adelphi
B. Croce, Breviario di estetica, Milano, Adelphi
P. D'Angelo Benedetto Croce. La biografia 1866-1918, Bologna, Il Mulino

Type of delivery of the course

Face-to-face lessons. Lessons wil be available in streaming, too.

Type of evaluation