Within the framework of the Dublin Descriptors, the teaching of specialist journalism for the Master's Degree has the following objectives in terms of knowledge
- aims to outline the theoretical-political dimension of communication in global society
- intends to deepen critical knowledge of the journalist's profession in line with the changes that have occurred in the journalism sector in recent years
- aims to provide students with the advanced notions to undertake the work of the journalist, bearing in mind the metamorphosis of the concept of culture, democracy and multiculturalism, the relationship between rationality and identity, between interests and values, perspectives on interculturality, politics and identity conflicts
- aims to provide students with a critical understanding of the principles that inspire this profession

Within the framework of the Dublin Descriptors, teaching has the following objectives in terms of competences
Acquire the ability to identify fake news, enhance reliable sources, simplify information and the way to communicate it. Learn about current events and have culture (reading books, going to the theater and cinema and listening to music)
Consolidate the ability of criticism and independence of opinion. Write correctly, simply and effectively. Avoid accusations such as lawsuits and defamations, respect privacy and respect the professional code of ethics

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Journalism in chronicle, internal e forein affairs, politics,leasure, sport. Special focus on web journalism, hard news e soft, the way of doing news, fake news and problems with social network. Two special lessons on video investigation. Data journalism, seo and differences between web journalism and daily newspaper. Inside editorial board: the different roles, the desk, the reporter, the special correspondent. Tv and radio journalism. Legal norms, ethical rules, libel in the press. Freedom of the press, reporting rights, the truth of the facts, the social role. The article: writing for press, writing a cronicle article, the writing style, the correct language, simple and strong. The rule of the 5 anglosaxons W, the lead. Writing practices on principle news during the lessons.

Core Documentation

The book for the examination is "La professione del giornalismo" by Stefano Natoli or the textes that I will put online on Teams at the end of the course

Type of delivery of the course

All the lessons are inside the university and it's better to follow in presence even if there will be a link in Teams


To pass the exam is necessary the book, but it's possibile some questions about lessos.

Type of evaluation

The examination is oral, but written exercises during lessons, could improve the final vote