The teaching intends to provide students a basic knowledge of the field of public opinion and mass culture, taking into account the change of contemporary society.
The main aim of the teaching is that students acquire knowledge and understand the role of public opinion and mass culture in the history of the twentieth century.
At the end of the course, students will have acquired knowledge of the main themes of the historiographic debate on the history of public opinion and mass culture.
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The program includes a historical introduction to the formation of public opinion and mass culture in the twentieth century.
The second part of the course will deal with the role of the mass media in mass culture and in the formation of public opinion.
Finally, the third part will be devoted to Soviet mass culture, compared with other mass cultures, especially the American one.

Core Documentation

Lyn Gorman, David McLean, Media e società nel mondo contemporaneo, il Mulino, Bologna 2011
Gian Piero Piretto, Quando c'era l'URSS. 70 anni di storia culturale sovietica, Raffaello Cortina editore, Milano 2020

Reference Bibliography

The reference bibliography will be suggested during the course

Type of delivery of the course


Type of evaluation

Oral exam