20710609 - Word design and advertising - LM -

The course aims to define the Adv Language as a powerful tool of verbal-iconic design.
A series of teaching/learning activities complete the presentation of the cognitive models and the explication of the grammar that, marking slogans, headlines, jingles, captions and trademarks, change the objects we live by.
In this perspective the creative and innovative Adv Language is described as a perceptive transformer code, that has to understood through the different phases of project, realization, and representation. In this process the activities of naming regarding the products and the promotional messages are a fundamental strategy of conceptual construction.
With the course, the students also acquire the specific skill for transcribing them in a repository and analyzing complex icono-texts as the tv commercial and that of using their a-grammatical rules and their non-senses in a coherent and creative way.
The course is divided in three parts:
1.From the spatial design to the word design;
2.The grammar of the Adv Language between rules and semantic mappings;
3. The adv language around the bod mail-order catalogues and the trademarks of Cosmetics, Fashion, Food and Sport.
Workshops, experiments and surveys improve the theorical study with aapplied training.
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The most important objective of the course is to describe and to explain that the verbal and iconic strategies of the Adv messages are not a specific use of the common language, but they have to be considered elements of a separate code.
The blends present in the slogans, in the tv commercials, in the jingles, etc. as well as those used in the brands or into the packaging represent a sort of icono-texts, marked by a grammar and a series of unique rules.
The focuses of the courses are four: 1. Texts and hybridisms; 2. Phantawords; 3. Functions and strategies of valorizationa; 4. Naming activity, brands and identities.

Core Documentation

Catricalà Pubblicità fa rima con assertività (dispensa)
Catricalà I cataloghi di vendita per corrispodenza, Firenze, Aida.
Catricalà M. One thousand and one ways of reading a brand , Symbolon 4.
Acquaviva P. Il nome , Roma, Carocci.
Baldini. P. Fantaparole.

Type of delivery of the course

Lessons in the classroom Slides on line Laboratory and work-project activities


The course frequency is recommended for the pratical and applicative training

Type of evaluation

Oral examination on the texts , the individual project-work and exercises.