20710781 - Idoneità Lingua Inglese B2+

The students:
Can understand the basic concepts of speech formulated in standard language or in a familiar variety on concrete and abstract topics, even when dealing with conceptually and linguistically complex speeches; to also understand the technical discussions of his / her field of specialization.
Can follow a long speech and complex arguments, as long as the topic is relatively familiar to him / her and the structure of the speech is indicated with explicit signals

Oral production
He is able to produce clear and precise descriptions and expositions of various topics that fall within his field of interest, developing and supporting ideas with additional elements and relevant examples.

Oral interaction
Is able to interact with such spontaneity and fluency as to allow normal interaction and easy relationships with users of the target language without any effort for either party. It highlights the meaning it attributes to events and experiences, clearly exposes points of view supporting them with appropriate explanations and arguments.