The course is part of the teaching activities fostering the development of knowledge and skills about mass media and communication marketing. Specifically, starting from the establishment of some fundamental concepts of business economics and marketing management, the course aims to build a solid foundation on the television system and market, television companies, and television marketing. The course will feature a strongly interactive approach and focus on the business and market realities with a systematic use of real-life case studies. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to engage with industry professionals who will explore specific topics related to the market and television marketing, and will be involved in group activities aimed at consolidating the knowledge acquired and testing its possible applications.
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1) Basics of business and marketing management
2) The Tv system and TV companies
3) TV market
4) The TV marketing

Core Documentation

Lecture notes.

Type of delivery of the course

Lectures, teamworking and workshops with TV companies senior managers.


On site and live streaming through TEAMS.

Type of evaluation

Oral exam