The course aims to deepen the authors, moments, genres and themes that caracterize the italian literature of our time, from the early twentieth century, taking into account also, as much as possible, the links with the other systems of literary expression other arts, the literatures of other countries, as well as the history and geography of our country. Critical and analytical tools that will be used during the course will also help the studente to hone their reading mode.
At the end of the class, the student will be able to orient him/herself in the Italian Contemporary Literature.
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Travelling, seeing, Arbasino

Core Documentation

a) Alberto Arbasino, Il meraviglioso, anzi, Milano, Garzanti, 1985 and/or Id., Le muse a Los Angeles, Milano, Adelphi, 2000 + Id., Ritratti italiani, Milano, Adelphi, 2014 and/or Ritratti e immagini, Milano, Adelphi 2016


Alberto Arbasino, Fratelli d’Italia, Milano, Adelphi, 1993 (or further editions)

b) Arbasino A-Z, edited by Andrea Cortellessa, Milano, Electa, 2023

c) Luigi Marfè, Oltre la «fine dei viaggi». I resoconti dell’altrove nella letteratura contemporanea, Olschki 2009

d) to give a context in 20th and 21st century italian literary history:
Giulio Ferroni, Storia della letteratura italiana, quarto volume: Il Novecento e il nuovo millennio, Milano, Mondadori Università, 2012

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Type of delivery of the course

Classes will be held both in-person (traditional mode) and distance learning


Attendance is optional

Type of evaluation

The examination will consist of a written test on the topics covered in the course