20110048 - Protezione dei dati personali e tutela dei diritti fondamentali-Clinica legale privacy

The Course will be scheduled as follows:

1) Protection of fundamental rights and protection of personal data: lectures about fundamental rights, in the national and European constitutional framework, with particular regard to the evolution of the right to privacy and protection of personal data. The teacher will guide students in reading and examinating the case-law, with reference to the Constitutional Court, the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights.

2) Focus on the Privacy Code and the new European regulation: lectures and seminars related to the legislation on protection of personal data, from a theoretical perspective:
- Legislative Decree no. 196/2003: the general principles of the Privacy Code; definition of controller, processor, recipient; transparent information and consent; data subjects' rights; the processing of personal data in the public and private sectors; duties and functions of the Data Protection Authority .
- Regulation on data protection (EU Regulation 2016/679): the approval process; material and territorial scope ; the general principles of processing personal data; protections for special categories of personal data; Relations between data protection authorities and consistency mechanism; principle of accountability (privacy by design and privacy by default, privacy impact assessment, the figure of the data protection officer.

3) Focus on Data Protection Authority: analysis of decision-making and advice of the Data Protection Authority in the most important areas; explanation of the main measures taken by the Authority to introduce safeguards and security measures, including the penalties imposed, in the following areas:
- Public and private health: electronic medical record and medical dossier, authorization on genetic data;
- Internet and electronic communication: spam and the profiling systems;
- Public administration: transparency in the light of the new FOIA;
- Journalism: guarantees for free expression including the relationship with the institutional communication.

4) Law Clinic: advice on legal issues related to data protection to the administration of the University
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