20110655 - Activities: The Virtues of Judging

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Mutuazione: 20110655 Attività: Le virtù del giudicare (Dentro il giudizio, dialoghi di diritto e filosofia III edizione) in GIURISPRUDENZA LMG/01 PINO GIORGIO


This series of interdisciplinary seminars, sponsored by Profs. Giorgio Pino, Antonio Carratta and Mario De Caro, is dedicated to the theme of the "virtues of judging," understood as the set of qualities that in a constitutional democracy - in a well-ordered society - are expected to be possessed by the judge (thirdness, impartiality with respect to the parties in trial and neutrality with respect to political contention economic interests, and ethical and religious beliefs in society, knowledge of the law), and on the basis of which the judge sets his or her work as interpreter and implementer of the law, and his or her relations with politics, public opinion, and the rest of the judicial community.

Speakers, topics and dates:

Luigi Ferrajoli (University Roma Tre), Jurisdiction in the Constitutional State | March 20, 2023, h 4 p.m.

Luca Passanante (University of Brescia), The judge and the precedent | March 27, 2023, h 4 p.m.

Pietro Pietrini (IMT Lucca), The judge and technical-scientific knowledge: the case of psychiatric expertise | April 3, 2023, h 16

Roberto Giovanni Conti (Supreme Court of Cassation), The judge and the experience of judgment | April 5, 2023, h 16.30

Alessio Lo Giudice (University of Messina), The drama of judgment | April 17, 2023, h 4 p.m.

The series of meetings "Inside the Judgment. Dialogues of Law and Philosophy," creates an opportunity for discussion, with a seminar slant, between students of Law and Philosophy and various experts in the field of legal reasoning: the latter will be invited to expose some particularly innovative aspects of their research - even circulating them in advance in the form of work in progress - and then discuss them with the promoters and students.

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