20110483 - Extreme Speech and Digital Media

The course is intended to provide students with an in-depth analysis of a crucial topic in the normative framework of contemporary constitutional democracy, as well as in the public opinion. Students will be encouraged in engaging in critical discussions amongst them, and with the invited speakers (which will be expected to provide a methodologically and substantially diverse approach to the topic).
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The course will provide a critical introduction to various forms of extreme speech (hate speech, racism, pornography, blasphemy, Holocaust denialism, etc.) that nowadays pervade the public discourse through digital media. This will also require an analysis of the moral and political justifications of the principle of freedom of expression, and of its place in contemporary constitutonal democracies. While the principle of freedom of speech requires tolerance for dissent, harsh criticism, and disagreeable forms of expression, it is clear that extreme speech raises important theoretical and practical questions in a well-ordered society. For each form of extreme speech, the course will provide an in-depth analysis of existing legislation as well as of the relevant case law.

Core Documentation

the syllabus will be available on the e-learning website of the course


Type of delivery of the course

In-person classes, with active involvement of students in research work and presentations

Type of evaluation

oral exam. Students who will be attending in class shall be evaluated also on the basis of their presential work