20110503 - Economia, strategia e gestione delle banche – Corso progredito

The cours aims to provide a solid understanding of the operation of bank sector. It examines the nature and characteristics of the various activities carried out by banks, the products submitted to customers and the factors of production used, organization, business model, also considering the impact of regulation and supervision on management choices. By the end of the cours, students will have developed the ability to analyze and understand the behavior of banks, according to existing regulations.
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1)The business of banking
2)Banking supervision
3)Funding in the bank's economy
4)The technical forms of raising financial resources
5)Equity issues and equity capital
6)Investment services, Loans and derivatives business, The property portfolio in the bank economy
7)The management of lending in loans, The technical forms of bank loans
8)The management of liquidity
9)The securitization of loans
10)The risks of banking
11)The balance sheet of banks and the analysis of bank management dynamics through balance sheet data
12)Profiles of internationalization of banking business
13)Banking concentration

Core Documentation

Ruozi, Roberto. Economia della banca. EGEA spa, 2020.

Bruno, E., and E. Cenderelli. "La banca." Giappichelli Editore (2020)

Type of delivery of the course

Lectures are held 3 times a week. Each lesson lasts two hours. Three lectures per week are dedicated to explaining the theoretical concepts of about banks. It is suggested to constantly verify the institutional websites.

Type of evaluation

Verification of learning will take place through an oral test. There will be at least three questions and will cover the entire content of the exam program. The purpose of the questions is to verify the level of learning and understanding of the topics and concepts covered by the exam program. In particular, the following will be evaluated: argumentative logic, properties of technical language and ability to apply the concepts studied in practice. For those who do not pass the exam or refuse the grade, it is possible to take the exam in the next session.