- Modulo II

Hydraulics is a class aimed at providing a strong basic knowledge on hydraulics, ranging from a qualitative description of the fluid behaviour to the formulation of quantitative models based on continuum fluid mechanics. Such models will be deduced from classical mechanics, by properly distinguishing between rigid and deformable bodies. Simple laws will be derived, which can be used to tackle hydrostatic problem, as well as normal and permanent flows.
Hydraulics belongs to the “Ingegneria Civile“ Course, whose aim is to prepare students in civil engineering topics such as hydraulics, structures and transportation infrastructures, and train them to their design, construction, management and maintenance. Within such framework, Hydraulics aims at formulating the fundamental laws upon which the technical formulae employed in the design practice are established.
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: 1) qualitatively examine an phenomenon pertaining to hydraulics and classify it based on its kinematic and dynamic feature; 2) decide which class of models best approximates the observed behaviour; 3) quantitatively solve the proposed model for the quantities which take on technical interests.