20810296 - Chimica

The course aims to provide students with the tools necessary to frame in a logical and sequential way, not merely descriptive, the main chemical and physico-chemical phenomena related to the microscopic and macroscopic behavior of matter.
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Fruizione: 20810320 Chimica in Ingegneria civile L-7 DE SANTIS SERENA


Atom Structure: orbitals, poly-electron atoms, periodic table; covalent bond, delocalized bond.
Mass relationship in chemical reactions; redox and oxidation number.
Solids: metallic crystal, ionic crystal, molecular crystal, covalent crystal.
Gases: the ideal gas law, partial pressures.
Thermodynamics: nature and type of energy, the zero law of T.D., heat capacity, the first law of TD and Enthalphy, the second law of TD, entropy and free energy, equilibrium conditions.
Liquids: phase change, phase diagrams.
Chemical equilibrium: the equilibrium constant and the equilibrium law
Properties of liquid solutions: concentration units, the Raoult law and distillation, colligatives properties and freezing diagram, electrolytes.
Solutions of strong and weak electrolytes. Acids and bases, pH; Salt hydrolysis; buffer solutions.

Core Documentation

Tro, CHEMISTRY. A Molecular Approach, Pearson ED. or any general chemistry text, as long as it is of university level.

Type of delivery of the course

Frontal lessons with the aid of audio-video support. Guided solving of exercises (blackboard).

Type of evaluation

Written test with numerical exercises and theoretical questions (open-ended questions).