20810299 - Analisi matematica II

The aim of the course is to give further knowledge and tools of calculus, required for an adequate understanding of mathematical methods and models relevant for engineering, including probability and statistics.
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Taylor series and Fourier series. Ordinary differential equations: existence and local uniqueness; homogeneous and non-homogeneous linear ordinary differential equations.
Functions of several variables; continuity; partial derivatives; local maxima and minima, Hessian matrix. Lagrange multipliers. Integration according to Riemann;
multiple integrals. Curvilinear curves and integrals; surfaces and surface integrals. Divergence theorem and curl theorem.

Core Documentation

[BDG] Michiel Bertsch, Roberta Dal Passo, Lorenzo Giacomelli, Analisi matematica, McGraw Hill, Milano, 2011

Reference Bibliography

Paolo Marcellini, Carlo Sbordone, Esercitazioni di analisi matematica due - Volumi 1 e 2, Zanichelli, Milano, 2017.

Type of delivery of the course

In calls we shall discuss the theory an apply it to exercises


Class lectures

Type of evaluation

The exam consists of a written test consisting on 3 to 5 exercises of the type discussed in class and a oral discussion to verify the ability to apply the concepts learned in class.