20810010-1 - GEOMETRY

The aim of the course is to show both the theoretical and the practical side of the basics in linear algebra and geometry. This will allow the student to obtain a flexible foundation well suited for describing, interpreting and solving problems connected with electronics and telecommunications
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1- Linear systems: matrix associated to a linear system; sum of matrices and multiplication by real numbers; reduced matrices; Gauss-Jordan algorithm.
2- Rows by columns product of matrices; invertible matrices; rank of a matrix; Rouche'-Capelli Theorem.
3- Geometrical vectors. Vector spaces. Subspaces. Generating vectors and linearly independent vectors.
4- Basis of a vector space: dimension of a vector space; Grassmann's formula.
5- Linear applications: Kernel and image of a inear application. Dimension of Kernel and Image of a linear application.
6- Matrix associated to a linear application. Diagonalization of linear operators.

Core Documentation

F. Flamini; A. Verra: "Matrici e vettori -Corso di base di geometria e algebra lineare" Carocci ed.

E. Schlesinger: "Algebra lineare e geometria". Zanichelli, 2011

E. Sernesi: "Geometria 1". Bollati Boringhieri, 2019

Type of evaluation

Written and oral examination.