20810010-1 - GEOMETRY

Series; ordinary differential equations; integrals transforms (Laplace, Fourier); functions of more variables.
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1- Linear systems: matrix associated to a linear system; sum of matrices and multiplication by real numbers; reduced matrices; Gauss-Jordan algorithm.
2- Rows by columns product of matrices; invertible matrices; rank of a matrix; Rouche'-Capelli Theorem.
3- Geometrical vectors. Vector spaces. Subspaces. Generating vectors and linearly independent vectors.
4- Basis of a vector space: dimension of a vector space; Grassmann's formula.
5- Linear applications: Kernel and image of a inear application. Dimension of Kernel and Image of a linear application.
6- Matrix associated to a linear application. Diagonalization of linear operators.

Core Documentation

F. Flamini; A. Verra: "Matrici e vettori -Corso di base di geometria e algebra lineare" Carocci ed.

E. Schlesinger: "Algebra lineare e geometria". Zanichelli, 2011

E. Sernesi: "Geometria 1". Bollati Boringhieri, 2019

Type of evaluation

Written and oral examination.