20801685 - GEOMETRY

The aim of the course is to show both the theoretical and the practical side of the basics in linear algebra and geometry. This will allow the student to obtain a flexible foundation well suited for describing, interpreting and solving problems connected with electronics and telecommunications
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1- Linear Systems: coefficients matrix, sum and scalar multiples of matrices; reduced form and echelon reduced form; Gauss-Jordan Algorithm.
2- Matrix product; invertible matrices; rank of a matrix; Rouche'-Capelli Theorem.
3- Vectors and Vector spaces. Subspaces; linear indipendence and generators.
4- Basis of a vector space; dimension; Grassmann Formula.
5- Linear maps; kernel and image of a linear map. Rank-nullity Theorem. Matrix associated to a linear map.
6- Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors. Diagonalization of linear maps.

Core Documentation

F. Flamini, A. Verra: Matrici e vettori. Corso di base di geometria e algebra lineare. Carocci.

Reference Bibliography

E. Schlesinger: Algebra lineare e geometria, Zanichelli. L. Mauri e E. Schlesinger: Esercizi di algebra lineare e geometria, Zanichelli. W. Keith Nicholson: “Linear algebra with applications”. McGraw-Hil.

Type of delivery of the course

Classroom lectures.

Type of evaluation

The final exam consists of a written exam which lasts 2 hours. The exercises will be based on the topics covered during classes.