The course aims to provide students with the tools necessary to frame in a logical and sequential way, not merely descriptive, the main chemical and physico-chemical phenomena related to the microscopic and macroscopic behavior of matter.
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1) Elements, substances and stoichiometric calculations.
2) Atomic electronic structure and periodic classification of the elements.
3) Chemical bond theory- molecular structures and geometries.
4) Oxidation states of the elements, redox reactions, nomenclature.
5) Aggregation states of the matter.
6) Chemical thermodynamics.
7) Multi-phase equilibrium of non chemically reactive substances.
8) Properties of the solutions.
10) Ionic equilibrium in watery solution.

Core Documentation

Nivaldo J. Tro – Chimica un approccio molecolare – EdiSES
M.Schiavello; L. Palmisano- Fondamenti di chimica- EdiSES
Nivaldo, J.Tro - Chimica - Un approccio molecolare - EdiSES
Whitten, Davis, Peck, Stanley-Chimica- Piccin
Silvestroni, Rallo - Problemi di Chimica Generale- Ed. Masson

Type of evaluation

The final test is carried out in written form through exercises and theoretical questions on the topics covered in class. There will be some intermediate tests during the course.