The topics illustrate the rules for the design of road projects, the study of the system of constraints and the optimization of the design choices including the environmental point of view. Additional topics include the study of advanced geometry trajectories and safety audits. Practical exercise consists in drafting a road project.
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In relation with the three project phases and according with the Italian public contracts rules, the course analyze:
- the analysis of the impact and constraints to select road project alternatives;
- the optimization of project choices in environmental point of view;
- the determination of alignment design (geometrical plan and vertical alignment) for each road project alternatives;
- road transversal sections and general site plan with drainages, ditch, slope, sump, ..etc.
- the main and secondary road engineering works;
- the technical contract rules, prices list, etc.

Core Documentation

A. Benedetto “strade ferrovie aeroporti” - utet editore;
G. Tesoriere "strade ferrovie e aeroporti", voll. i e ii. - utet editore;
C. Benedetto, M.R. De Blasiis “Istruzioni per la redazione dei progetti di strade e degli studi d'impatto ambientale” - Aracne editore;
Handnouts and slides provided by the professor.

Type of evaluation

The test of learning processes are based on: a) development of exercises during the lessons b) drafting of a road project c) oral test on theoretical issues and road project discussion.