20709120 - public communication

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Mutuazione: 20709120 COMUNICAZIONE PUBBLICA in Cinema, televisione e produzione multimediale LM-65 DE FEO ANTONIETTA


The course is divided in two.
The first part is a general introduction to the basic concepts of public communication. The topics included are: Forms and Devices of Public Communication, Features of the Public Space in Global Communication Networks, and the Development of Public Opinion.
The second part of the course explores the relationship between public communication and the media. The media will be approached as a space for negotiation between civil society and its institutions. Students can take part in an exercise focused on case studies on how old and new media platforms contribute to the narratives of public and political phenomena.

Core Documentation

M. Castells (2017), Comunicazione e potere. UBE Paperback, Milano 2017 (nuova edizione) (Capitoli: Le reti digitali e la cultura dell’autonomia; Il potere nella società in rete; La comunicazione nell'età digitale; Intervenire sulle reti di comunicazione: politica mediatica, politica dello scandalo e crisi della democrazia; Riprogrammare le reti di comunicazione: movimenti sociali, politica insorgente e nuovo spazio pubblico).

Type of delivery of the course

The first part consists mainly of lectures supported by Power Point presentations. Some classes will be hosted by guest lecturers who are leading in this field. In the second part, students will produce work on a topic of their choice which they must confirm with the teacher. This work should be based in a case study on the difference between old and new media platforms and how they create and contribute to political and public narratives.

Type of evaluation

Both attending and not attending students will take a written test. This test will consist of 3 open questions, each one is awarded a score from 0 to 10 points.