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Mutuazione: 20709714 FUNZIONI E PATOLOGIE DEL LINGUAGGIO E DELLA COMUNICAZIONE - LM in Scienze Cognitive della Comunicazione e dell'Azione LM-92 N0 ADORNETTI INES


The course focuses on language pathologies, with particular attention to the deficits related to the discursive communication. Among the cases discusses, there are the communicative deficits characterizing pathologies such as autism, schizophrenia, and traumatic brain injury. In such cases, as well as in many neuropsychological and psychopathological disorders, the communicative impairments mainly concern the level of discourse and depend on deficits that primarily involve the cognitive dimension, rather than the linguistic one. Thus, the study of discourse disorders is particularly useful to investigate a more general question that is extremely relevant from a theoretical point of view: the relationships between language and cognition.

Core Documentation


- Adornetti I., 2018, Patologie del linguaggio e della comunicazione. Carocci, Roma

One book among the following:

- Bambini V., 2017, Il cervello pragmatico, Carocci (Le Bussole), Roma.
- Cardella V., 2013, Perdersi nei giochi linguistici. Schizofrenia, filosofia del linguaggio e scienze cognitive, Corisco, Roma-Messina.
- Surian, L., 2002, Autismo. Indagini sullo sviluppo mentale, Laterza, Roma-Bari.

Type of evaluation

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the oral exam will take place via the Teams platform. Students will receive the link to access the exam two days before the session. Remember to upload your identity document on your GOMP page.