20710169 - Movements and trends in contemporary Islam

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Mutuazione: 20710169 Movimenti e tendenze dell'Islam contemporaneo in Storia e società LM-84 GERVASIO GENNARO


After a short historical and methodological introduction, students will be introduced to the most relevant themes and trends of the Islamic debate from the end of the 19th century until today. Topics covered include: Islam and modernity; the Reformist Movement (salafiyya); Islam and Nationalism; Political Islam in its declinations; Islamic Feminism.
Eventually, students will be invited to read primary texts, among those available, according to their languages knowledge.

Core Documentation

Please check bit.ly/dsu-gervasio

Type of delivery of the course

The course is composed of traditional lectures and seminars, during which debate will be fostered, also thanks to teh contribution of external experts and colleagues from other universities, both in Italy and overseas, thanks to the funding offered by the PRIMED project. In the second parte of the course, student will give in-class presentations, on one or more books chosen from those available at C3.

Type of evaluation

In the final part of the course, attending students will do an in-class presentation, on one or more books at C3, or other to be agreed with the Lecturer. Non attending students will prepare a 1000/1200 words written review, and submit it at least one week prior to the exam. In brief, the review will have the following structure: 1/3 introducing the author and his/her work; 1/3 description of the book; 1/3 analysis. The presentation or review will male 1/3 of the final grade, while 2/3 will depend on the final oral exam.