Refinement of:
a) knowledge and understanding of the main features of the foreign language;
b) ability to communicate ideas, attitudes and intentions;
c) ability to apply acquired knowledge to texts used in selected professional contexts.
Analysis and translation of short texts from a variety of genres and specialised domains.
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Fruizione: 20710296 LINGUA E TRADUZIONE FRANCESE 1 LM in Lingue moderne per la comunicazione internazionale LM-38 POLLICINO SIMONA


The course covers a wide range of issues and debates in translation studies and aims to provide students with an overview of the history of translation studies, different translation theories and various approaches to translating. The main focus will be on the application of translation in different fields, in order to emphasize its interdisciplinary nature and its challenges in the global digital age. Particular attention will be paid to different types of communication and to the essential role of translation as intercultural mediation.

Core Documentation

M. Guidère, La communication multilingue. Traduction commerciale et institutionnelle, Bruxelles, De Boeck, 2008.

L. Davier, Les enjeux de la traduction dans les agences de presse, Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2017.

Type of delivery of the course

frontal lessons

Type of evaluation

Written and oral exams will be conducted in Microsoft Teams.