20710496 - GENERAL LINGUISTICS LM (module A)

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- Speech Acts theory. Locution, illocution, perlocution.
- The Cooperation Principle and the theory of conversational implicatures. Relevance theory.
- The linguistic and extralinguistic context. Ambiguity.
- The context. Deixis and Anaphora.
- Face and Politeness.
- Culture and Language. Linguistics, anthropology, ethnography.
- Linguistic presuppositions: existence presupposition, truth presupposition.
- Pragmatic presuppositions: felicity condicions.
- Information Structure of the Utterance: Given and New, Theme and Rheme, Fore- and Background.
- Strategies of persuasion: the language of advertising and propaganda.

Core Documentation

- Cecilia Andorno, Che cos'è la pragmatica linguistica. Roma, Carocci, 2005.
- Lombardi Vallauri, E. La struttura informativa. Forma e funzione negli enunciati linguistici, Roma, Carocci, 2009.
- Lombardi Vallauri, E. La ingua disonesta. Bologna, il Mulino, 2019.

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Type of evaluation

Online oral exams; video conference on Microsoft Teams.