20410507 - Philosophy of Science

The course of Philosophy of Science is part of the program in Philosophy and it is included among the characterizing training activities. The course is an introduction to the key problems of the philosophy of science. Among these, students will have to familiarize with issues concerning the nature of scientific explanation, of laws of nature, of the relationship between hypothesis and evidence, and of the cognitive content of scientific theories in light of radical scientific changes. These general topics will be introduced by a direct reading of some classics of 20th century philosophy of science, with the aim to develop the competences that are necessary to formulate and evaluate philosophical arguments.
Students will be able to apply the knowledge acquired in the discussion and argument both from a theoretical and a historical-philosophical perspective. At the end of the course the student will acquire:
-) Ability to analyze and interpret philosophical texts;
-) Properties of language and argumentation;
-) Ability to contextualize the acquired knowledge in the Philosophical debate.
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Fruizione: 20702666 FILOSOFIA DELLA SCIENZA in Filosofia L-5 (docente da definire)