20410449 - GE410 - ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY 1

Introduce to the study of topology and geometry defined through algebraic tools. Refine the concepts in algebra through applications to the study of algebraic varieties in affine and projective spaces.


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Mutuazione: 20410449 GE410 - GEOMETRIA ALGEBRICA 1 in Matematica LM-40 CAPORASO LUCIA


Algebraic varieties in affine and projective spaces.
Veronese and Segre mappings. Products and projections.
Local geometry
Bertini's theorems.

Core Documentation

I. Shafarevich Basic algebraic geometry vol. 1 Springer-Verlag, New York-Heidelberg, 1977.
L. Caporaso Introduzione alla geometria algebrica Versione preliminare.

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In class lectures

Type of evaluation

Oral examination