To introduce the physics of fundamental interactions in the Standard Model and the formalism of the Field Theory that underlies it.
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Introductive Lectures:
Green Functions, Feynman Diagrams, Exponentiation of disconnected diagrams, IN and OUT states, S-Matrix, S-Matrix in terms of Feynman diagrams, Kaellen-Lehmann Spectral Representation, LSZ Reduction Formula, Optical Theorem.

Superficial Divergence Degree of Diagrams, Renormalized Perturbation Theory, Callan-Symanzik Equation, Beta and Gamma Functions, Running coupling, Leading Logarithm Resummation.

Path Integral Method:
Introduction to Path Integral Formalism, Path Integral for a Field Theory (Path Int.for a scalar field thoery), Green functions in terms of Path Int., Feynman rules from Path Int., Generating Functional,
QED Quantization (Faddeev-Popov Method), Dirac Field Quantization, Quantization of Non-abelian Gauge Theories, Ghosts.

Core Documentation

Michael E. Peskin, Daniel V. Schroeder "An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory";
Franz Mandl, Graham Shaw "Quantum Field Theory".

Type of delivery of the course

Blackboard/ipad lectures on fundamental and in-depth topics. Exercises aimed at becoming familiar with the Quantum Field Theory Formalism. Time dedicated to conceptual topics is numerically similar to time dedicated to excercises.

Type of evaluation

Oral exam on the subjects that are explained during the course. The oral exam consists in two/three questions on different parts of the program, aimed at exploring the comprehension of the more theoretical topics and the familiarity with the Quantum Field Theory formalism. The oral examination can last between half an hour and one hour.