22910230 - Policies and services for study and work

With the study of Policies and services for study and work the student will be able to achieve the following educational objectives.
In terms of knowledge and understanding:
- define and identify the epistemological and methodological field of the discipline;
- understand the dialectical relationship that exists between policies and social services.
In terms of ability to apply knowledge and understanding:
- to analyse the essential features of the labour market and the transformations of labour policies in the different national and European contexts;
- to analyse the organisation of services in the various territorial contexts of reference.
In terms of autonomy of judgement:
- evaluate social interventions and policies for study and work in the current historical moment;
- identify the resources present on the territory to manage with awareness the transformations in the organization of services.
In terms of communication skills:
- Interact in different contexts;
- planning in groups.
In terms of learning capacity:
- exercise willingness to engage in scientific research;
- be able to access the relevant scientific literature.

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1) University study from its origins to Legislative Decree 68
2) Scholarships and accommodation. Law 338
3) Other services: canteens, transport, culture and the disabled
4) The Right to Education (DSU) in Europe
5) The DSU in the Italian regions
6) University and city: Rome
7) The DSU at the time of Covid-19
8) The vocabulary for study and work: the key words
9) Institutional actors and employment policies
10) Third mission of universities and the role of ANVUR
11) Employment services in Italian universities
12) Study and work: transversal skills

Core Documentation

Educational materials.
Further reading:

Study policies and services:

- paper of the Research Department of the Chamber of Deputies on the Right to University Education
- the DSU in the academic year 2017/2018, by the MIUR

Policies and services for work:

- active employment policies, annual report, Ministry of Labor
- Universities and companies, CRUI paper
- The Third Mission of Universities, ANVUR paper

Type of delivery of the course

During the final exam the candidate is required to demonstrate his / her preparation on the materials / slides adopted, that correspond to the topics covered in the lessons. The slides will be uploaded to the web chair immediately after the lesson. The slides will act as a guide in the study of the subject, while the teaching materials will be insights on the individual issues. The course is divided into three major arguments: policies and services for study, policies and services for work, some topical aspects concerning the university at the time of Covid. Preparation is ascertained through discussion with the examiner.

Type of evaluation

face-to-face examination