The objectives of the course are: a) to provide basic knowledge on the multiple causes of contemporary international migration; b) to make it possible to analyze the dimensions, causes and effects of migration in Europe and in Italy; c) to equip the student with basic skills and abilities to apply in studies and social work.

At the end of the course the student:
- has a general framework of immigration in Europe and related social, political and cultural processes;
- knows the main conceptual tools for the study of the migration phenomenon, as elaborated by the most advanced and recent studies;
- will know the specific terminology, the main research topics and problems in the field of study related to migration.
- knows how to correctly use current terminology in the field of migration and intercultural relations, knows how to construct examples to support or refute an analysis hypothesis;
- is able to collect information, provide analyzes and interpretations by applying the acquired knowledge, providing relevant examples, even built independently.

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Mutuazione: 22901973 SOCIOLOGIA DELLE RELAZIONI ETNICHE (L39/L40) in Servizio sociale e Sociologia L-40 N0 LOMBARDO ENZO


The historical creation of the "great divergence" between rich and poor nations and of the "world system". The macro and micro causes of migration

Core Documentation

E. Lombardo, Africa. (Neo)colonialismo, ambiente e migrazioni, Meltemi, 2020.
S. Sassen, Espulsioni, il Mulino, 2014.
M. B. Steger, La globalizzazione, il Mulino, 2013.

Type of delivery of the course

traditional lessons



Type of evaluation

oral and frontal exam