22910107 - Sperimentalismo, lettura, museo (Exchange Program)

Formative objectives
· Knowledge and understanding
- Identifying the elements characterizing educational experimentalism;
- Interpreting evaluation as a problem;
- Analyzing the dynamic of shifts in evaluation;
· Applying knowledge and understanding
- Classifying the families of variables in education;
- Distinguishing the various types of tests;
- Building reading comprehension tests;
· Making judgements
- Identifying the character of complexity defining the museum;
- Describing and categorizing the museum texts.
· Learning skills
- Interpreting the museum as an educational environment.
Meta - objectives:
· Applying knowledge and understanding
- acquiring instrumental skills in the use of the online tools;
· Learning skills
- identifying the main characteristics of online teaching.
· Communication skills
- acquiring the area lexicon, even in a foreign language.