22910109 - Pedagogia delle risorse umane e delle organizzazioni (Exchange Program)

he course aims at developing the following general learning objectives in order to develop in students the specific knowledge, skills and expertise in the human resources areas of education and in business organizations with reference to the European perspective of lifelong learning, the VET and to the demands of continuing education.
The course presents the main theoretical foundations of the organization, emphasising the educational problems (in particular the company, the organizational structure, the operating systems, the different organizational forms, the development trends of the organization), the organizational shape of central structures: the central management, the personnel function (organizational structure and role); emerging perspectives in lifelong learning in observance of the Italian and European legislation and an analysis of issues related to adapting workers’ skills; an analysis of training sub-systems: training needs analysis, delivery and evaluation of results, design of the training process, basic training, specialized training, management training, different training methods and reporting systems.