The prime objective is an evolution and enlightenment in the conception of Africa’s history from the sixteenth century to the present day. A part of the course will concentrate on difficulties associated with recording the history of Africa and the continent, with particular emphasis on how to preserve its oral history. Along the same lines of thought: fundamental aspects of modern and contemporary history of Africa concentrating on the slave trade; the impact of Africa on European commerce; colonial domination; resistance within the colonies; and African independence and the emergence of independent states. The course hopes to give an overall view of the history of the African continent and the problems it faces today, placing it within its diverse historical contexts.


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Geographical exploration
The slave trade
Some case studies of African nations: Ashanti, Ethiopia, Zulu
Colonial expansion
The struggle for indipendence

Core Documentation

- J.D. Fage, A History of Africa, 1978, Chap.III & IV

- L. Goglia - F. Grassi, Il colonialismo italiano da Adua all'impero, Laterza, chap. II.

Reference Bibliography

There is no specific book list

Type of delivery of the course

Head on lessons aimed at acquiring fundametal background knowledge prior to the approaching the course. Participation is volontary.


Participation is volontary, but it is advisable to attend as many of the subjects refer to the main history course.

Type of evaluation

There will be an oral examination on the subject of the chosen texts. The level of a student's knowledge will be assessed during an oral examination aimed at establishing the actual comprehension of the concepts and ability of the student to place them within both a local and global context.