The seminar is aimed at describing the Fascist colonial question in Italian colonial territories, examining the period from the conquest of the Ethiopian empire and the establishment of the Africa Orientale Italiana (AOI) to the latter’s demise. After providing the basic tools for understanding Italian colonial history, the course will examine Fascist policies in Italian colonial territories after the occupation of Ethiopia. Specific lectures will be dedicated to imperial expansion, projects of settler colonization, racist policies and gender issues pertaining this period. Visual materials, especially photos, will be used throughout the course. These belong to the “Laboratorio di Ricerca e Documentazione Storica Iconografica” of the University of Roma Tre.​


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The seminar intends to tackle the question of colonial fascism in the African territories, with particular reference to the years of the Italian Empire and Italian East Africa. After providing the main instruments necessary to understand the history of Italian colonialism, the course will focus on Fascist policies, concentrating on the years following the occupation of Ethiopia. Lessons will be dedicated to imperial expansion, plans to populate the colonies, the policies of racism and finally how these can all be tied together. One of the main aims of the course is to unravel the complexities of Italy’s colonial experience which is often still relegated to a secondary role, and seen as a thorn in the side of the nation’s political history.

Core Documentation

During the series of lectures each individual student will be allocated specific texts.

Reference Bibliography

During the series of lectures each individual student will be allocated specific texts.

Type of delivery of the course

The main teaching method is made up of head on lessons aimed at providing fundamental background knowledge prior to approaching the course. Participation is obligatory.


During each lesson the students present will be registered: the maximum number of hours of permitted absence is six. The course requires students to read the set essays and texts, which will be chosen for each individual student together with the tutor. This runs hand in hand with the lessons, providing an opportunity to actively participate in collective discussions with both the tutor and fellow students.

Type of evaluation

The written exam consists of a short thesis. The subject will be chosen by the professor. The student must prove to have specific knowledge of the subjest, and the ability to break it down and analyse it.