The Course, which is for students with a good overall understanding and practical knowledge of the German language, Level B1 (looking to improve specific grammar, written and spoken skills), will build on previously acquired listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. They will further develop their political and cultural knowledge in German-speaking countries. The course is taught in German and is divided into a linguistic section, which pays particular attention to the acquisition of sectoral lexicons in the political-legal and historical-economic fields, and a thematic section, which is devoted to the German-speaking region through texts and documents of various kinds from newspapers, non-fiction books, films and literature, whereby literature serves as a model for complex cultural communication, aesthetics and criticism.

Fruizione: 21810395 CULTURE DEI PAESI DI LINGUA TEDESCA in Politiche per la Sicurezza Globale: Ambiente, Energia e Conflitti LM-52 (docente da definire)