At the end of the course, students will communicate effectively in Chinese, oral and written, and understand the rich and different cultures of China, so that they will become culturally aware and ready to be global citizens.
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Fruizione: 20710275 LINGUA CINESE 1 in Lingue e mediazione linguistico-culturale L-12 ROMAGNOLI CHIARA


Chinese writing system (meaning and identification of radicals), phonological system and pinyin transcription; nominal and verbal phrase; usage and features of the main adverbs, prepositions, conjuctions and particles; auxiliary verbs; Chinese sentence constituents (features and order); types of questions; classifiers; locative particles.

Core Documentation

F. Masini, C. Romagnoli, T. Zhang, Y. Chang, Comunicare in cinese, 2021, Milano, Hoepli.

Type of delivery of the course

Classes will be held in presence.


Course attendance is strongly recommended.

Type of evaluation

The preparation will be evaluated with written and oral tests.