The 1st yr Language and Translation course of Non-European language, comes under the core educational activities of the “Languages and cultures studies of the respective countries” of the bachelor’s degree course in Languages and Cultural & Linguistic Mediation, specifically those activities aimed at providing effective operational competence at the levels established for the Non-European language as well as the theoretical knowledge of the foreign language main characteristics.

The course aims at providing:

the achievement of competencies equivalent to the A2 level - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) 2018 (https://rm.coe.int/cefr-companion-volume-with-new-descriptors-2018/1680787989), for all skills through reception, production, interaction, written and spoken mediation activities as well as their related strategies.
Introduction to metalinguistic reflection also at comparative level: structural and typological aspects, sociolinguistic aspects, introduction to the language of study history.
Introduction to the knowledge and use of some lexicographic resources.
Application of acquired knowledge to short texts.

Expected learning results: students will be able to use their first foreign language at a level equivalent to A2 level - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) 2018 (https://rm.coe.int/cefr-companion-volume-with-new-descriptors-2018/1680787989), they will be able to use the corresponding communicative strategies; they will be able to carry out metalinguistic reflection activities in a comparative perspective; they will learn and start using, at basic level, some lexicographic resources, for language study; they will apply acquired knowledge to the analysis of short texts in the language of study.
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Fruizione: 20710275 LINGUA CINESE 1 in Lingue e mediazione linguistico-culturale L-12 ROMAGNOLI CHIARA


Chinese writing system (meaning and identification of radicals), phonological system and pinyin transcription; nominal and verbal phrase; usage and features of the main adverbs, prepositions, conjuctions and particles; auxiliary verbs; Chinese sentence constituents (features and order); types of questions; classifiers; locative particles.

Core Documentation

F. Masini, C. Romagnoli, T. Zhang, Y. Chang, Comunicare in cinese vol.1, 2021, Milano, Hoepli.

Type of delivery of the course

Classes will be held in presence.

Type of evaluation

The preparation will be evaluated with written and oral tests.