The course aims to provide the student with the essential tools to understand the nuclear issue as an international problem. To this end, it is crucial to go deeper in the analysis of how the exploitation of atomic energy has evolved since the 1930s and how it has progressively acquired a decisive political dimension, due to the absolute value of the destructive capacity of its military use. Moreover, students will examine the effects of the technology evolution and the inevitable diffusion of the related knowledge from a political-international perspective and they will try to understand to what extent the nuclear issue has influenced the thinking of the political and military theorists.
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The course is divided into an introductory part, aimed at facilitating understanding of the basics of the functioning of the essential processes in this technological field, to which is added a much more detailed historical reconstruction. It ranges from the discovery of the knowledge necessary for the exploitation of atomic energy for military purposes to the political and politico-military aspects that even today make the aspiration to develop a nuclear arsenal one of the most important issues and debates in the international arena.
Class attendance is strongly recommended, since part of the students' evaluation will depend on the in-person activities that will be carried out during class hours.

Core Documentation

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Type of delivery of the course

Classes will be organized with a break approximately after the first 3 or 4 weeks to allow students to have time to absorb some of the concepts and issues addressed in the first part of the course and to encourage their more active participation in class discussions


attendance is optional but highly recommended

Type of evaluation

The final exam will be an oral one. For those who are planning to attend the course, in class participation is strongly recommended