21810698 - WORKSHOP

A workshop for university students is a focused and interactive educational session designed to provide practical skills, knowledge, or experience in a specific subject area. Its primary learning objectives are to:

• Enhance Learning: Deepen understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills beyond traditional classroom settings.
• Skill Development: Acquire practical skills relevant to academic, professional, or personal growth.
• Collaboration and Networking: Foster teamwork, idea sharing, and the development of professional relationships.
• Application of Theory to Practice: Bridge the gap between theory and real-world application through hands-on experiences.
• Personal Growth: Develop essential life skills and promote overall student well-being.
• Exposure to Diverse Perspectives: Cultivate a broader understanding and inclusive thinking through exposure to diverse perspectives.
• Reflection and Feedback: Encourage self-assessment, identify areas for improvement, and receive constructive feedback.