20402432-1 - CHIMICA - MODULO I

The module aims to provide students with:
-knowledge of the correct structure and nomenclature of organic compounds and major food systems;
- Understanding of the role of the molecular structure of food;
- Understanding of the molecular mechanisms that underlie the transformations that occur in food.
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Scientific method. The Atom. Chemical bond. Ionic bond. Covalent bond (VB). VSEPR. Hybridization. Dative bond. Resonance. Nomenclature and chemical structures.
Mole, weight composition, minimal and molecular formula.
States of aggregation of the matter. The gas. Gas laws. Ideal and real gas. Liquids and Solids.
Chemical reactions. Stoichiometry. Redox reactions. Acid-Base reactions.
The solutions: concentration and vapor tension. Colligative properties.
Basics of chemical kinetics
Thermodynamics I and II Principle. III Principle. Gibbs Free Energy and spontaneity of a chemical reaction. Chemical equilibrium.
Acids and Bases. Equilibria and pH calculation. Saline hydrolysis and tampons.
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Core Documentation

“Chimica Generale, Chimica Organica, Propedeutica Biochimica” Katherine J. Denniston, Joseph J. Topping, Robert L. Caret. Editrice McGraw-Hill

Type of delivery of the course

Frontal teaching and exercises. In case of Covid emergency extension, will be evaluated the possibility of distance learning.

Type of evaluation

Exercises / questions and discussion