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Mutuazione: 20402176 PALEONTOLOGIA DEI VERTEBRATI in Geologia e Tutela dell'Ambiente LM-74 ANGELONE CHIARA


Introduction, chordates, basal vertebrates: 3h
"Agnatha" and the origin of lower jaw: 3h
Chondrychtyes and e osteichthyes: 3h
Sarcopterygians and the origin of tetrapods: 3h
Amphibia: 3h
Anapsida: 3h
Diapsida: 3h
Dinosauria: 3h
Pterosauria vs. Aves: 3h
Sinapsida: 3h
Mesozoic mammals-Metatheria: 3h
Afrotheria and Xenartra: 3h
Boreoeutheria: 3h
Laurasiatheria: 3h
Euarchontoglires: 3h
Primates: 3h

Core Documentation

The reference textbook is:
Benton M.J. (2014) - Vertebrate Palaeontology. Blackwell Publishing

Additional references to be discussed during the classes will be selected among the most recent and/or controversial.

Type of delivery of the course

Lectures with PPT slides.



Type of evaluation

The exam will be based on the lectures' topics in order to evaluate the student's understanding of the concepts discussed during the lessons.