20410534 - FISICS

The course aims to provide knowledge of the main phenomena of physics and their connections with other disciplines and research Areas (Chemistry, Biology and Geology) and, in particular, aims to provide 1) a basic knowledge of general physics topics (from Newton's laws to fluids and thermodynamics, and from electrostatics and magnetism to modern physics, including electromagnetic waves, introduction to quantum physics and nuclear physics); 2) the ability to contextualize and solve basic general physics problems; 3) create a critical approach and develop "problem solving" skills with the use of basic physical models (for example, virus spreading models); and therefore to provide 4) the basic scientific and conceptual tools necessary for the study of the physical, chemical and natural sciences. Upon completion of this course the students will have a good knowledge of the basic principles of physics and its practical applications to Sciences. The students will also be able to solve problems related to the material studied and will have developed a critical approach to scientific problems.